Furlan Auditorium Production


Eight guests who have never met each other (or their apparently absent host and hostess) are lured to an island. Throw in two house servants and you have ten guilty strangers, marooned. One by one, each is accused of murder; one by one they begin to die, each demise followed by one little toy soldier falling from the mantel until there were none. Agatha Christie was the mistress of the carefully laid clue, the chance remark, the sleight of hand, shadowy corners, and the joy of suspense. Who will be next?

"A terrifically popular play the purveyor of wicked deaths was also wickedly funny." ~BroadwayWorld

June 1 - 18, 2017



Rogers – Scott Korman
Mrs. Rogers – Susan Zuern
Fred Narracott – Jack Lynch
Vera Claythorne – Caitlin Elftman
Philip Lombard – James Boylan
Anthony Marston – Sam Walker
William Blore – Paul Pfannenstiel
General MacKenzie – Hal Erickson
Emily Brent – Fran Klumb
Sir Lawrence Wargrave – Michael Pocaro
Dr. Armstrong – Mary Rynders


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