A Sunset Playhouse Fund Raiser


Take one part Forbidden Broadway, mix it with The Producers, add a stroll down memory lane at Sunset Playhouse, sprinkle liberally with puns and schtick and you’ve got the recipe for a rollicking musical comedy!

Zach and Theo are theatrical producers desperate for a hit (sound familiar?). As they page through a script Theo has written about Sunset Playhouse – where Zach enjoyed a “misspent youth” – characters from past Sunset musical productions recreate top Broadway hits – but not the way they were originally written! Song spoofs from great shows like Oklahoma, Les Miserables, West Side Story, Rent and many more are lampooned. And it’s not just the songs that get a send-up. Popular dance steps and enough door slams (and scantily-clad chorus girls) for a farce are all part of the fun!


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