A Special Event!


Enjoy a seasonal mixture of magic and humor with some appropriate Tricks 'n' Treats.
Halloween is just around the corner and you can witness unusual mysteries in a very intimate setting.
And, don't be surprised if you become part of the show!

David-Seebach-Sunset-Playhouse  David-Seebach-Sunset-Playhouse

"Seebach's is truly magic theater, with the art of illusion presented with theatrical flair and skill."
Rochester, NY

"there's a pervading sense of mystery and surprise that makes the evening's magic acts a marvelous offering of comedy, drama and suspense."
Louisville, KY

"Milwaukee's #1 Magician!"
Milwaukee Journal

Note:  This is a Special Event - Pick and Choose Flex Vouchers, Sunset Vouchers, Sunset Gift Certificates, Entertainment Coupons, or any Sunset Playhouse special offers, are not valid for this show.

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