Furlan Auditorium Production


A hilarious spoof of the mystery plays of the twenties. Four ingenious murders take place in an island mansion as a pair of elderly detectives set to work on their first case. The ever-present storm, the unexpected guests, the cryptic poem and the missing fortune all add to this inventive-and amusing-whodunit.

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 "Genuine comedy... guaranteed, completely screwball evening."


ROGER – Glen Villa 
ZENIA – Antoinette Stikl 
CELIA – Maureen Murphy Chobanoff 
T.J. – Kurt Magoon 
ERNESTINE – Diane Kallas
EDGARS – Scott Korman 
SALLY – Megan Tappan
CARTER – James Boylan 
JACK – Michael Elftman 
HANNIBAL – Hal Erickson


Director – Carol Dolphin
Set Designer – Matt Carr
Stage Manager – Jennifer Allen

Stage Manager – Mikhela Rosko
Props Mistress – Beth Bland

Lighting Designer – Marty Wallner
Costume Designers – Joanne Cunningham, Sharon Sohner

Wig Master- Anthony Mackie

Sound Designer- Jan Pritzl


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