Being a Member at Sunset Playhouse means you believe in The Playhouse’s vision and support the entire theater experience.  At Sunset we offer people great experiences: behind-the-scenes, in the audience, and around the community.

Members receive inside information and special Member Only offers and incentives.

A Sunset membership costs only $30 – $100 annually.  If you would like to be a Member of Sunset Playhouse, download our membership form, complete the form and mail it to Sunset Playhouse, 800 Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove, WI  53122 or drop it off at our box office during normal box office hours.

Sunset Playhouse – Membership Enrollment Form

The Sunset Playhouse Member Benefits include:

  • Invitation to our Annual Meeting
  • Ability to vote for our Board of Directors
  • Drink Coupons available for complimentary beer, wine or soda at any of our performances – # depends on Membership Level
  • Invitations to special Members Only events during our season

Members become eligible for Life Membership after ten (10) years as Active members. Chief criterion for Life Membership is outstanding sustained service to the Playhouse.

The Sunset Playhouse Life Members  are:

Inge Adams
Paul Armstrong
Pat Boeck
John Bridich*
Ralph Cairns*
Jean Casey
Roger Casey*
Carol Dolphin
John R Dolphin
Nancy Domres
Cathy Eimerman*
Pam Erdmann
Dan Esposito
Kay Esposito (Knudsen)
Mary French*
Alan Furlan*
Mary Furlan*

Michael French*
Mary Gensler
Tim Gensler
John Goodland
Karen Goodland*
Nancy Hooper Armstrong
Ralph Huiras*
Nancy Kaye
Ginny Kopischke
Jack Kopischke*
Joanne Kopischke (Becker)
Scott Kopischke
Alan LaVesser*
Frank Lisi*
Jim Loveridge
Susan Loveridge

June Lisi
Rudy Miskowitch
Erika Navin
Mary Jean Nazario
Sue Page
James Partington*
Patti Peplinski
Rick Peplinski
Charles Peterson*
Elaine Peterson
Donald  Porter
Ed Prasser
Deon Prell*
Jan Pritzl
John Raynor
Katie Raynor
Al Schimel

Jerry Schuenke*
Ken Smith
Edith Stankovsky
Jim Stankovsky
Nancy Stiles*
Stuart Stiles*
Mary Strong
Jan Szczepanski
Lee Szczepanski
Jeanne Troglia
Marty Wallner
Mark Westen
Patricia Westen


The Sunset Playhouse Active Members are:

Karen A’Rowan
Joseph Aiello
Jennifer Allen
Carol Anderson
Dave Anderson
Frances Auger
Beth Bland
Gerry Botticchio
Anita Bradley
Thomas Brown
Bob Carlson
Patricia A. Casillo
Nancy A. Desjardins
Mark Di Fonzo
Dave Dombrowski
Kate Dombrowski
Bob Dude
Marla Eichmann
Carl Eisenberg
Kathleen Falk
Matt Fuchs
Marla Eichmann
Ellen Fulton
Jerry Gantner
Mary Gawronski
Sue Haag
Allen Hall

Jeneane Hately
Dennis Hulen
Ted Hutton
Darrel Jacobs
Jim Jeske
Bryan Johnson
Richard Kelley
Arthur Ketchman
Joan Kirschenmann
Dale Klemstein
Marlys Kohls
Robert Kucharski
Robert Lorenz
Wendy Loumos
Ron MacDonald
Spencer Mather
Robert McIndoe
Diane Mee
Michael Meyer
Michael Pocaro
Gordon Miller
James Miller
Erik Moeser
Judy Monday
Chuck Morris
Jim Murphy
Tim Nustad

John Otterstein
Jim Pavletich
Pam Pedersen
Chris Positano
Patrick Pribyl
Susan Puhek
Elizabeth Rae
George Rainer
Kenneth Redlin
Claudette Robinson
Fred Rose
Mikhela Rosko
Gay Ruby
Jennifer Rutter
Peggy Peterson Ryan
Julie Sanicola
Lori Salyers
Taren Sartler
Jean Schlidt
Barbara Seebach
Keith Sharer
James Shkiele
Dick Schilffarth
Ron Soyk
Shirley Stone
Joseph Strazishar
Joan Takala

Jerry Taylor
Jean Thompson
Robert Van Eerden
Marty Wallner
Robert Wazniak
John Wermuth
Jude Werra
Nora Werra
Paul Weston
Jeff Williams
Judy Williamson
Eileen Pepper Wood
Mary Wylie
Gerald Zupnik


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